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Vero Beach Lands on the List of the Top 10 Best Beach Towns to Live In the USA

Turn every day into a vacation when you move to one of these beach towns.

Ocean breezes, endless sunshine, daily walks along the sand, and a laid-back way of life all entice Americans to relocate to the country’s many beach towns. From charming cities on the California coast to Florida’s popular shores, there are dozens of destinations to consider, so it can be hard to pick one as your new home.

Thankfully, personal finance site WalletHub has determined the best beach towns to live in around the United States, ranking them according to 63 indicators, including affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and overall quality of life. The top 10 ocean towns to live in (listed below) are unsurprisingly concentrated in states boasting ample coastline, like Florida, California, and Hawaii.

WalletHub also looked at data like violent crime rates, water temperatures, nightlife establishments and restaurants per capita, and more to help you make the right decision. And while our list focuses on beach towns near the ocean, the site also rounded up the best lake beach towns to live in (Traverse City, Michigan; Folsom, California; and Redmond, Washington snagged the top three spots, with others in North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin in the top 10).

10. Vero Beach, Florida

Located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, Vero Beach scored well for weather, safety, and quality of life. Living in Vero Beach means easy access to the beaches and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, including water sports and fishing.

To see the full list, check out the original article published by Travel & Leisure

Vero Beach Lands on the List of top 10 best beach towns in USA


Most travelers know the Treasure Coast region of Florida as a popular second home destination with beautiful, secluded beaches, yet its history is vast and a true-to-life treasure. Let’s dig into the history of the Treasure Coast name, and how it is still embedded in this beautiful Atlantic coast region.

There’s Gold to Be Found

Three hundred years ago, a fleet of ships filled with treasure made their way along the Atlantic coast to transport gold, jewels, and other valuable metals back to Spain. Just weeks into the journey, a turbulent hurricane stirred the ocean before them. The crew became trapped in the Bahama Channel with no means to free the ships. Eleven of the 12 ships were ripped apart by the high winds and sank to the seafloor. Only one ship survived, and their crew tried to recover the bounty. It is assumed that two-thirds of the treasure remains beneath the sand on the area beaches.

In the 1950s, another ship met its fate along the shoreline near the Sebastian Inlet, exposing parts of the ancient ships. The ships had sunk in relatively shallow water allowing the strong currents to push some of the jewels closer to shore, and soon beachcombers began to find gold coins and other valuable pieces. In fact, along the Vero Beach coastline near Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club, professional salvagers would eventually find over $4.5 million in jewels and treasure.

How Did Treasure Coast Get Its Name?

So how did the name appear? The Treasure Coast was created by writers at the Vero Beach Press Journal newspaper just prior to the recovery of the Spanish treasure. Since the first coin was found in 1961, the area known as the Treasure Coast is known to travelers all over the world, and gold is still occasionally found along the shoreline.

With an amazing history of its own, Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club is a unique treasure to its Members. This private golf and beach club community is filled with Members who feel even more fortunate to call this amazing place home. The West-Indies-style Beach Club serves as a gathering place for families and friends to reunite. Private club events and holidays are held in the dining room, and families enjoy fun in the sun along the Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention the resort-style pool and amenities such as tennis, pickleball, and a fitness center available to members.

The True Treasures Beyond the Beach

Even better, Orchid Island spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian River, where a new community kayak launch brings adventurous homeowners up close and personal with area wildlife. As an Audubon-certified nature preserve, the idyllic setting is highly desired by those seeking a healthy outdoor lifestyle in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Luxury residential properties are in demand and often sell within minutes of becoming available. Custom estate residences, courtyard homes, cottages, or oceanfront condominiums range from the $800s to over $8 million. For an up-to-date list of available properties at Orchid Island, visit

If you’re just getting started on your quest to find your future community, the inaugural issue of Orchid Island Lifestyles Magazine is a great way to learn more about the Vero Beach area and Orchid Island.

If you are in the area, stop by the oceanfront Orchid Island Sales Center or call 772. 388.3888 to schedule an appointment. For more information visit

On a barrier island tucked between the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River Lagoon, Orchid Island is home to more than breathtaking views. Among championship golf, tennis, and more than a mile of pristine, secluded beach; the tranquil bike trails surrounding the Club have become immensely popular among members. Discover the many places that are sure to capture your attention and may even compel you to stop along the way!

Jungle Trail

The Treasure Coast gives sanctuary to 1,500+ species of Florida’s migratory birds and wildlife: manatees, river otters, turtles, bobcats, and the ever-majestic white pelicans. There’s no better way to explore nature than by traveling on the historic Jungle Trail, which cuts through the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, the Captain Forester Hammock Preserve, and of course, Orchid Island. We recommend starting your journey at the front of Orchid Island Drive and heading southbound on this scenic route. Bike riders are never short of encounters with the gorgeous surroundings and beautiful wildlife.

Jones Pier

Cycling is a low-impact form of exercise that increases strength and stamina, which can help protect you from serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Plus, you get to experience natural beauty in the surrounding areas of Orchid Island. Three miles from the Club, you’ll stumble upon Jones Pier, a hidden gem overlooking the Indian River Lagoon. Part of the Jones Pier Conservation Area, it encompasses rich history and provides the public with educational and historical display exhibits on native wildlife, foliage, and the origin story. After admiring the gorgeous view and potentially a few dolphins, venture back on the Jungle Trail and head east on Old Winter Beach Road all the way to A1A.

Disney Vero Beach Resort

As you venture north up A1A, you’ll see a popular destination right within our treasured town: Disney’s Vero Beach Resort! If this mile-marker has your legs burning, you can drop in to browse the gift shop or grab a bite to eat at the Wind & Waves Market. Don’t be surprised if you find a hidden Mickey or two as you pass through!

Beach Bites & Wabasso Beach Park

As you continue your morning cycle, you may spot a little restaurant further up A1A. Beach Bites is far from your average neighborhood café, housing a general store, souvenir shop, watersport rental, and restaurant all in one! Grab a souvenir or stop in to pick up a smoothie. Right on the beach, you’ll find just about everything you’ll need at this checkpoint.

Wabasso Beach Park lies down the street from Beach Bites. Make sure to be on the lookout for sea turtle nests as you admire ocean views from the miniature boardwalk along the Atlantic’s Treasure Coast.

Orchid Island Beach Club

As your expedition connects its circle, you may see a familiar pink building signifying the return to Orchid Island Beach Club! An issuance of red bands attached to the handlebar stem of your bike lifts the gate arms, allowing uninterrupted riding for members, ideal for biking to and from the community.

The sights and sounds that greet members daily and the benefits of bike rides here are just reminders that no other community compares to Orchid Island. The Club works hard to preserve a way of life for not only the natural neighbors who live in the area but the people who live here as well. The Club’s intimate layout creates the perfect environment for these creatures to thrive in concert with our members. The Arnold Palmer Golf Course is proudly Audubon certified, and the secluded beach offers more than a mile of private oceanfront. For those who want to get close to nature and enjoy the creature comforts of home, the Beach Club and country club amenities are second to none.

Love the Vero Beach location? Request the inaugural issue of Orchid Island Lifestyles Magazine here to learn more about the Vero Beach area and how nature coexists with the residents.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Orchid Island Sales Center and see the community’s beauty for yourself. Call 772. 388.3888 for more information or visit

Luxury residential properties range from $1 million to over $10 million and include custom estate residences, courtyard homes, cottages, or oceanfront condominiums. Here’s a full list of available real estate listings at Orchid Island.

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This will show you how Orchid Island stacks up against the other Club communities in the area.