Young girl playing with a golden retriever in the ocean waves at Orchid Island Country Club in Vero Beach, FL
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Pets are as much a part of our lives as our human family and we love it that way.

From banks offering doggy treats at the window, to businesses leaving out bowls of water for pooches to enjoy, the dogs of Orchid Island live the good life. Home to plenty of nearby outdoor playgrounds, Orchid Island also has its own secluded pet-friendly private beach for your four-legged family members.

Vero Beach Dog Park

Located on Indian River Drive, one could say that this park has truly gone to the dogs! Three sections for small, medium, and large dogs mean that there’s a place for everyone to play in. Events are regularly held here, where dogs can test their speed and skill in homemade obstacle courses, or simply just enjoy the day. There’s plenty for people to enjoy at this park as well, from shady spots where you can sit and relax to locations outside the park where you can launch your kayak or fish along the Indian River Lagoon. Recent renovations mean that there are more new things to discover on your next visit!

Historic Jungle Trail

Both people and pets can appreciate a long walk through nature. It can soothe our minds and strengthen our bodies as we traverse the terrain and concentrate on our natural surroundings. That’s why the Historic Jungle Trail is so valuable to the residents of Orchid Island – more than just a piece of Vero Beach’s history, it’s a piece of land where both pets and people can escape to after a busy day. The trail cuts right through Orchid Island, near the front entry gate, so residents here have easy access to the great outdoors right from their own backyard.

Walton Rocks Beach

Head down Ocean Drive to find 24 acres of oceanfront where pups can truly unleash themselves! As the area’s only official dog beach, pets love to splash and play in the surf, chase after driftwood, and enjoy some fun in the sun with their people. Humans get plenty out of this place, too. They swim and surf in the water, fish along the shoreline, and take time to appreciate the natural world!

Orchid Island’s Pet-Friendly Private Beach

Dog parks and beaches are really nice to have, but best of all is having a special space of your own where you and your dog can run, splash, and play. Orchid Island is a dog-friendly community, and canine companions are welcome to sink their paws in the sand from sunrise to sunset. For those who wish to let their furry friend run free without a leash, however, a dog license needs to be obtained from the town of Orchid. Perhaps even more exciting than a special beach visit is the ride over in a golf cart. And of course, the special attention received from the Guards at the gate who just love to spoil these furry residents with a scrumptious treat, or two.

If you want your dog to be as much a part of your life as possible, then Orchid Island has got you covered. It goes without question, there are plenty of places to make your dog an active part of the community.

For those who want to get close to nature, Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club’s amenities are second to none. Orchid Island works hard to preserve a way of life, not only for the pets and natural neighbors, but the Members as well. One fun and unique perk is Orchid Island’s golf cart lifestyle. Members enjoy this convenience making traveling the community to any of the amenities a fun and enjoyable experience.

This private community is committed to providing an extraordinary level of service. Golf here is unparalleled, as the Arnold Palmer designed; 18-hole course is not only revered as one of the best in the region, but also helped the club reach its status as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, thanks to the unique conservation habits adopted by staff. Luxury residential properties range from the $800’s to over $10 million and include custom estate residences, courtyard homes, cottage, or oceanfront condominiums. For a full list of available real estate listings at Orchid Island, visit

Intrigued by this one-of-a-kind destination? Request the inaugural issue of Orchid Island Lifestyles Magazine here to learn more about this amazing community and how the Vero Beach area embraces its natural wonderland.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Orchid Island Realty office and see the community’s beauty for yourself. Call 772. 388.3888 to schedule a private appointment.