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Orchid Island Beach Club Design
Executive Chef Chris Sozio
Orchid Island Beach Club Courtyard

Orchid Island Beach Club

Best Beach Club in Vero Beach

For residents, the heart of our private beach community is the elegantly relaxed Orchid Island Beach Club. Designed with West Indies style to nurture the spirit of neighbors becoming friends, the Beach Club is all about gathering spots. The Pool Grille & Turtle Bar offers an easygoing setting where family and friends can come together, bonding over burgers and possibly a brew or two.

It’s been called the best beach club in Vero Beach. Don’t miss the ambiance and flat-out fine farm-to-table gourmet food of Chef Sozio. Carefully balancing daily specials with club favorites, this man and his staff know how to create an atmosphere and a delicious dining experience. Make new friends …

Also in the Beach Club:

The Sandpiper Room. A multimedia conference room to bring together business partners in comfort and privacy.

Orchid Island Realty Real Estate Office. Exclusively for Orchid Island beachfront, lakeside or golf estate properties. Find the exclusive listings here.

The Discovery Suite. The perfect, possibly even beyond perfect, way to sample Orchid Island for yourself. Offered to prospective members, it is a luxury suite only steps from the beach.