St. Lucie County NY Mets Spring Training
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Want to watch live sports on the Treasure Coast? You can see Major League Baseball right here when the Mets make their annual training jaunt to Port St. Lucie. And even when they’ve journeyed back to New York, the St. Lucie Mets will be playing for the summer.

A little to our west, Orlando supports multiple pro teams. Orlando Magic basketball shares Amway Center with the Orlando Solar Bears ice hockey team. Two soccer teams share Orlando City Stadium.

With the PGA headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens—for now, anyway—pro golf tournaments are featured throughout Florida. Many tennis stars got their start here. Of the 10 best tennis academies in the world, 3 are based in Florida.

Of all the sporting events in Florida, one is synonymous with its city’s name. Daytona is one of the great homes to motor sports, NASCAR and motorcycles alike. And Vero Beach is in the heart of all the action.