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Orchid Island Golf Clubhouse
Orchid Island Golf Club Fire Pits
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Best Golf in Vero Beach

Orchid Island is one of the few private Florida golf clubs to offer direct beach access. A short walk or golf cart ride connects the secluded beach to our Audubon-certified golf course.

At the Golf Club, the vibe is open and friendly. New members are greeted with an introduction and orientation to the Club as well as an invitation to play nine with the director of golf himself. The fairways are generous and the greens large, receptive to a wide variety of shots. In the fewest words: the course is beautiful. Wonderfully laid out. Appealing to strong players and those just taking up the game. And the birdlife is unmatched. (Be here in winter when 50+ different varieties seek our warmer climate.)

A well-stocked calendar of events for men, women and mixed teams—including the twilight scrambles that help new players find others with matching skills—build the strong friendships that are the lifeblood of a private club. In that spirit, Beach and Tennis Club members might find themselves encouraged to take up golf, especially since the Clubhouse is centrally located—and all its gathering spots welcome relaxed conversation.