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Favorite Brunch Spots in Vero Beach

Posted on: January 7, 2020

There’s no better way to celebrate being in Vero Beach than with a great brunch shared among friends. Kicking back

Brunch Spread at Vero Beach

Couple sitting outside dining at Orchid Island

Dining With The Sea in Vero Beach

It’s hard to find a place that does food like Vero Beach does. The town’s proximity to the oceanfront, along

Aerial Image of Orchid Island from the Ocean side

Do you recognize this stunning Florida private club?

For Members of Orchid Island, the spectacular oceanfront Beach Club serves as the heart of the community. Its authentic West

Aerial of a nature trail and golf course at Orchid Island

Favorite Nature Photo Spots at Orchid Island

Nestled between the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club is home to a

Breweries near Orchid Island

These Vero Beach Craft Breweries are a Must Try

Indian River County is one creative place. Not only is the area is known for its natural beauty and beaches,

Couple walking on beach in Vero Beach

Five Reasons to Head to Vero Beach

Located on the east coast of Florida, Vero Beach is a quaint and charming town, and those who visit usually

Man and woman on walking trail on the left, rare white pelicans to the right.

See All of Florida in these Famous Natural Parks

When it comes to nature, Florida is on the top of the list in the country for experiences that you’ll

The Magic of McKee Botanical Gardens

Spotlight: The Magic of McKee Botanical Gardens

The residents of Vero Beach are aware of how lucky they are to live so close to nature, and there’s

Florida Wildlife at McKee Botanical Gardens

Orchid Island’s Going Green

There’s one more way that this Club is ensuring that its ecological footprint is far smaller, and it’s happening in

Aerial Images of Orchid Island

An Update on the Recent Successes of Orchid Island

Since the summer of 2018, Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club has experienced a change in momentum felt throughout the

Red Wine and A Movie Slate for Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival

Lights! Camera! Chianti! at the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival

Welcome to the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival! In its fourth year and running from June 6th to June

Orchid Island Golf green

Annual Golf-A-Thon to be Held at Orchid Island

Spring brings many things to Vero Beach. And here, the first Monday in May means the annual VNA Golf-a-Thon at

Young girl playing with a golden retriever in the ocean waves at Orchid Island Country Club in Vero Beach, FL

Your Furry Friend Will Thank You

Pets are as much a part of our lives as our human family and we love it that way. From

Couple walking on Orchid Island Beach

This Unique Place made SmartAsset’s Top 10 Places to Retire in Florida

The locals here know that this charming seaside town in Florida is one of the most perfect places to live.

Indian River County Attractions

4 Treasure Coast Events You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

March is a fantastic time to get outside and enjoy local food, shops, and experiences. Vero Beach has plenty of

Aerial view Orchid Island in Vero Beach Florida showing the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River

3 Reasons To Move to a Beach Town

Everyone has different reasons for moving to a beach town. Some appreciate the small town atmosphere, while others like how

Two couples on the patio at Orchid Island Golf Club

You’ve Probably Never Heard of this Charming Florida Island

In Vero Beach, Florida, you’ll discover the best of both worlds. That’s because Vero is at the eastern edge of

Vero Beach Dining Options

Vero Beach: A Foodie’s Paradise

From the upscale to the casual, Vero Beach has a culinary culture that drives gastronomes wild. Within the same area,

Orchid Island Private Club Vero Beach

Orchid Island is Proud to be Platinum

Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club has been recognized for excellence by Platinum Clubs® of America, ranking in the Top

Sunrises over ocean in Vero Beach Florida

Yes, Orchid Island Florida chooses Sunrises over High Rises!

In the unique City of Vero Beach as well as all of Indian River County, the locals have a saying:

Jake Owens from Vero Beach Florida

Find Out Which Celebrities Call Vero Beach Home

How does where you come from change who you are? Science has sought to answer this question for years, analyzing

Residents of Orchid Island Golf & Beach club enjoy the Historic Jungle Trail

Exploring Orchid Island’s Historic Jungle Trail

If you are looking for a true adventure right here on Orchid Island, head to the historic Jungle Trail, an

Sea Turtles, Manatees, and Pelicans live at orchid island florida on the treasure coast

What Do Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Manatees, and White Pelicans All Have in Common?

What could manatees, American white pelicans, and loggerhead sea turtles all have in common? At first glance, these animals don’t

Residents enjoy the private beach and golf club at Orchid Island

Make Your Best Move To Orchid Island, Florida!

Now’s The Time To Buy The Florida Vacation Home You’ve Always Wanted In Vero Beach, Florida, you’ll discover the best

View of homes at Orchid Island Vero Beach

Make Your Best Lifestyle Investment in Orchid Island

What should you be looking for when shopping for residential property? When you’re searching for property in Florida, keep a

Vero Beach Oceanfront

Coastal Living Magazine’s 10 Best Little Beach Towns in Florida

Not all coastal communities are created equal, but these idyllic locales stand out from the crowd. Each offering its own

Couple with feet in surf at Orchid Island Beach

Why Living Near the Water is Good for Your Health

Remember how refreshed you felt after your last trip to the beach? Turns out that that’s not all just in

Vero Beach Centennial logo

Vero Beach Centennial Celebration Starts Next Month

Vero Beach has an extensive and storied history on Florida’s Treasure Coast. From its role as the home to many

Members enjoying living at Orchid Island

One Myth and Three Truths about Living in Orchid Island

It’s hard to believe all of the fun that awaits you at Orchid Island. Between the championship golf, private beach

Couple enjoying the sunset in Vero Beach Florida

Which Florida Beach Town Is This Year’s Hottest Move-To Destination?

When people want to get away from it all, they head to Florida. And it’s no wonder—with fantastic weather and

Orchid Island White Pelican flying over lake

Life In Our Gated Community In Florida

Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club (OIGBC) and the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) have different landscapes when it comes to

Members enjoying living at Orchid Island

Golf Community Comparison Guide

Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club is a private, gated community in the charming seaside town of Vero Beach, Florida.

A brother and sister drive the family golf cart (left); A couple enjoy oceanfront views from the Orchid Island Beach Club

Five Minutes Away: What it Means to Live the Golf Cart Lifestyle

Our members love owning their own golf carts. Why you ask? Well, mainly, this masterstroke of convenience means one thing:

Two images, on the left three kids (two boys and one girl) play in the waves, on the right, a girl carries her boogie board past a couple sitting in beach chairs while another couple walks along the beach at Orchid Island Beach Club.

Making Memories: Family Favorites at Orchid Island

There’s no time more special than when grandkids come by to visit. With so much to do here in Vero,

Three images, on the left is Orchid Island's premier Chef, in the middle, two couples enjoy some fine dining at the Beach Club, on right a couple takes a romantic stroll along the beach.

Summer Lovin’: Insider Tips For Your Visit to Vero Beach

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun, and Vero Beach has plenty to offer.

The Waterfront Condos at Orchid Island, Vero Beach on the left and the Atlantic Ocean on the right.

Where Can You Find One of Coastal Living’s Happiest Seaside Towns in Florida?

Vero Beach Near Top of Coastal Living magazine’s List of America’s Happiest Seaside Towns. Coastal Living recently announced its 2018

A collection of three animal "neighbors" of Orchid Island, a rare White Pelican, a sea turtle, and a manatee.

Meet Our Cherished Natural Neighbors: Orchid Island’s Wildlife

Orchid Island’s commitment to preserving the beautiful natural habitats that surround the Club means the area is teeming with wildlife.

The landscaped courtyard at Orchid Island Beach Club with a view of the Atlantic Ocean in the background

What Coastal Trend is also Timeless in Appeal?

It’s no secret that at Orchid Island residents are always living on island time. From long walks on the beach

Man works out with personal trainer at the Orchid Island Fitness Center

Sit Back and Relax: Staying Healthy at Orchid Island

Living a healthy lifestyle is easy at Orchid Island thanks to the community’s Tennis & Fitness Center with over 11,000

A nicely plated dessert of chocolate mouse, with creme fraiche, berries and chocolate at Orchid Island in Vero Beach FL.

Meet the Culinary Leader of Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club

Orchid Island Vero Beach Florida, Provides a Culinary Adventure for the Most Discerning Foodies Orchid Island is home to three