Sunrises over Skyrises in Vero Beach Florida

Yes, Orchid Island Florida chooses Sunrises over High Rises!

Posted on: January 10, 2019

In the unique City of Vero Beach as well as all of Indian River County, the locals have a saying: “sunrises, not high rises.” It means that the residents work to preserve local wildlife through extensive and intricate means and they care about the environment. People travel from all over to experience Vero Beach’s uncluttered beaches, bright blue waters, detailed mangrove paths through the rivers and waterfronts, and collection of flora and fauna. For members of Orchid Island, a private oceanfront golf and beach club community just comes naturally. Honestly, what’s more special than that?

With the rise of ecotourism, Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast have begun to appear on a many travelers’ short lists. Who can resist having nearly 26 miles of beach to explore? The secluded and exclusive area’s way of life serves as more than just a draw to those seeking to get away from it all. It attracts residents who appreciate the unique opportunity to live and grow side-by-side with nature.

The area has a few rules in place to protect the surrounding wildlife and its history. The city of Vero Beach recognizes that its future lies in the past as much as it does in the present, and they work to preserve all three through their actions. The end result is everything from beautiful works of architecture, to now historical roads have had an effect on the area’s past. Stop by Gloria Estefan’s renowned hotel, Costa d’Este, for a taste of today’s vibrant energy. Or, while you’re here, take some time to jog or stroll down the Historic Jungle Trail. More than just a dirt road, it was the original A1A and the key to how the city dominated the fruit juice industry for years.

Vero Beach’s carefully forged balance between man, nature, and history is one of the few ways that makes this coastal region so desirable. It’s how venues such as the Orchid Island Brewery can coexist alongside the Atlantic Ocean, or how the McKee Botanical Garden has evolved into one of the top botanical destinations in the state, as well as an important entry on the National Register of Historic Places.

For a community like Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club, it’s more than just trading in skyscrapers for sunsets. When you’re located just a short distance from Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, seeing white pelicans along the lakes and on the golf course is common. When loggerhead sea turtles and slow-moving manatees make their homes in the waterways and when your golf course is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary–you’re well versed in tending to nature. What’s really special is how Orchid Island has fostered an environment for families to establish their own traditions, and leave something to pass down to future generations.

For those who want to get close to nature, the Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club amenities are second to none. Orchid Island works hard to preserve a way of life for, not only the natural neighbors who live on the Treasure Coast, but the residents as well. Members and residents also enjoy the convenience of a golf cart lifestyle. Traveling the community via golf cart makes getting to any of the amenities a fun and enjoyable experience, including the West Indies styled private Beach Club, which overlooks a private beach just for residents and their families to take pleasure in.

This private community is committed to providing an extraordinary level of service. Golf here is unparalleled, as the Arnold Palmer designed; 18-hole course is not only revered as one of the best in the region, but considered a picturesque nature walk throughout this unique habitat. Luxury residential properties range from the $800s to over $10 million and include custom estate residences, courtyard homes, cottage, or oceanfront condominiums. For a full list of available real estate listings at Orchid Island, visit

Intrigued by this one-of-a-kind destination? Request the inaugural issue of Orchid Island Lifestyles Magazine here to learn more about this amazing community and how the Vero Beach area embraces its natural wonderland.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Orchid Island Realty office and see the community’s beauty for yourself. Call 772. 388.3888 to schedule a private appointment or visit for more information.




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Sunrises over Skyrises in Vero Beach Florida

Yes, Orchid Island Florida chooses Sunrises over High Rises!

In the unique City of Vero Beach as well as all of Indian River County, the locals have a saying:

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