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Tennis at Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club

Best Tennis Center in Vero Beach

Eight Har-Tru courts—including one exhibition court—let you know that tennis at Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club is top-notch, but all levels of play are welcome. A variety of programs for adults and for children, as well as individual instruction from our pros can help lift your game to a new level. Tennis events such as round robins, clinics and weekly drills are a great way to have fun, meet new folks and get better all at the same time.

Or if you want a new game, try the wildly popular pickleball. In something like a combination of tennis and Ping-Pong™, either two or four players use solid paddles to hit a perforated ball over a net. While it can be somewhat less demanding than tennis, it is every bit as much fun. It’s so popular there’s even a governing body, the International Federation of Pickleball.