Orchid Island Oceanfront
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Town of Orchid, Vero Beach
Orchid Island Entrance Sign
Orchid Florida Oranges

The Town of Orchid, Florida

Orchid, Florida history

Technically, the Town of Orchid, Florida wasn’t even a town until 1965 when all the land that Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club occupies was incorporated, along with a few other plots. The seven town residents became the town council charged with creating zoning and a tax structure.

Orchid, Florida, has a rich history. Captain Frank Forster—a navigator and captain who was possibly the first homesteader— gave the town its name. Stephen Michael and his son, A.B., were the first to plant citrus trees. Their plantings evolved into the world-famous Indian River Citrus. Now, there’s so much to do in the Town of Orchid.