Ruth Martin Club Chair of Orchid Island Art Club
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Behind the gates of Orchid Island lies a community of artisans who share their collective talents through the Orchid Island Art Club. This creative group is home to resident artists of all experience levels and hosts several events each year. The Club encourages all Members to discover and embrace their unique artistic abilities and celebrates their inspirational work. Pictured above, Orchid Island Art Club Co-President, Ruth Martin, shares her incredible and inspirational talent through her paintings.

The annual Celebration of Creativity, a Member art show, is held each Spring to display the work of the Club’s renowned artists. Stirring paintings, hand-made pottery, and jewelry are only a glimpse of the striking artwork on display. The entire Orchid Island community congregates to enjoy the world-class talent on display at the Club.

Here is a preview of the renowned artists exhibiting their work at the 2021 Celebration of Creativity.

Barbara Edelstein displays her one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry at Orchid Island.
Barbara Edelstein displays her one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry.

Dr. John Aruffo exhibits his hand-made pottery at Orchid Island.
Dr. John Aruffo exhibits his hand-made pottery.

Lou Lower shows his talent through breathtaking photography.
Lou Lower shows his talent through breathtaking photography.

In addition to events like the Celebration of Creativity, the Orchid Island Art Club also provides workshops for aspiring artists in the community. Art Club members host these workshops and as well as visiting outside artists. Judy Stach AIS, former Art Club chairwoman, teaches painting classes using Plein Air and color mixing techniques. Additionally, member artists Tim Gow and Muci Clemons give annual watercolor classes and demonstrations regarding the encaustic hot wax painting technique. The member artists continue to enrich the Orchid Island community as a whole and are indeed an inspiration amongst each other. Between the thriving art community and the beautiful scenery, Orchid Island is genuinely like no other.

Orchid Island works hard to preserve a way of life, for not only the natural neighbors who live in the area, but the people who live here as well. The Club’s intimate layout creates the perfect environment for these creatures to thrive in concert with our members. The Arnold Palmer Golf Course is proudly Audubon certified, and the secluded beach offers more than a mile of private oceanfront. For those who want to get close to nature and enjoy the creature comforts of home, the beach club and country club amenities are second to none.

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