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3 Reasons To Move to a Beach Town

Posted on: February 25, 2019
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Everyone has different reasons for moving to a beach town. Some appreciate the small town atmosphere, while others like how nature is essentially untouched. The Town of Orchid, just outside of Vero Beach, is one such example. Many say that Orchid Island is the perfect place for them because of the weather, the people, and the overall feeling you have in a small beach town. Here are a few reasons why you should move to our beach town.

Mood: Relaxation

It’s hard to find a frown on someone’s face when they come back from the beach. Living so close to it, it’s easy to see why the residents here seem to be in a good mood all of the time. Different parts of the oceanfront environment come together to make beachgoers feel good. The sound of the waves hitting the shore provides a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the day. Sunny days are abundant here and fill you with vitamin D, naturally raising your mood as well.

Nature Abounds

The oceanfront features a diverse and vibrant ecosystem not found anywhere else. Take a look up to the sky – ospreys, eagles, and pelicans soar through the air. On the horizon, dolphins jump from the water, and schools of fish teem below the surface. From May to October, you’re likely to find a leatherback sea turtle along the shoreline laying her eggs. Check out the historic Jungle Trail, it runs right through Orchid Island, and you’re likely to catch a rare white pelican flying above the trees.

Activities and Things to Do

If there’s one thing that we can say about beach towns, it’s that they have their own way of doing things, whether it be work or play – but especially play. Swing and dance under the moonlight at the Night Sounds Concert Series, or learn of the area’s eclectic art scene at the First Friday Gallery Stroll. Then again, you don’t need a party to have fun here. Spend a few rounds playing golf, or take some time to walk along the beach.

Everyone has a reason for moving to the Town of Orchid. Some of them like the friendly locals and warm neighbors. Some appreciate living so close to the beach. Others enjoy shopping, the atmosphere, and being healthy. One thing that we can say about life in a beach town is that it’s easier. It’s easy to get around on foot, but some residents prefer getting places via golf cart. It’s one of those things that make Orchid Island stand out amongst other clubs.

For those who want to get close to nature and enjoy the creature comforts of home, the Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club amenities are second to none.   Orchid Island works hard to preserve a way of life for, not only the natural neighbors who live on the Treasure Coast, but the residents as well. Members and residents also enjoy the private beach.

This private community is committed to providing a level of service that stands out from the rest. Golfing here is unparalleled, as the Arnold Palmer designed, 18-hole course is not only renowned among courses, but also holds an Audubon Certified Sanctuary status for its commitment to natural preservation.

Love the Vero Beach location? Request the inaugural issue of Orchid Island Lifestyles Magazine here to learn more about the Vero Beach area and how nature coexists with the residents.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Orchid Island Realty Sales Center and see the community’s beauty for yourself. Call 772. 388.3888 for more information or visit

Luxury residential properties range from the $800s to over $10 million and include custom estate residences, courtyard homes, cottage, or oceanfront condominiums. For a full list of available real estate listings at Orchid Island, visit

Orchid Island Magazine

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